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The importance of tradition: Spallinificio BM, excellence since 1972

Our story begins in 1972 with a small artisan workshop in Cartigliano, near Vicenza. Gradually, our small business began to grow until, in 1985, Spallinificio BM was founded.

Despite the expansion of the company and the increase in production, we have chosen to maintain the sartorial quality that has always distinguished us. To date, in fact, we can say with certainty that the core value of our shoulder pad factory is tradition, the same that led us to open that small laboratory back in the Seventies.

Production of accessories for any type of garment

Our production is characterized by the perfect combination of tradition and technology. Our shoulder pads and sleeve head rolls are made with materials selected for their strength and lightness.

Our products adapt perfectly to any type of garment. This is because, thanks to the experience of our Modelling Department, our shoulder pads and sleeve head rolls are made in full compliance with the specific needs of the client.

Spallinificio BM is a leading Italian company in the production of shoulder pads for men’s and women’s clothing.

Although invisible on a garment, our sleeve head rolls are designed to support the fabric of the garment and enhance its shape by giving it the correct volume required by the customer.

Accuracy at every production stage

Spallinificio BM is synonymous with quality and elegance but these are not the only characteristics that make us a leader in the market of tailoring accessories in Italy and internationally.

In fact, it is essential for us to monitor every single step of the production process with the utmost care in order to guarantee our customers products that are perfect in every detail and tailored to their specifications.

Our values

Sustainability and energy saving have always been of paramount importance to Spallinificio BM. Our intention is to be an example to the new generations of entrepreneurs, encouraging them to strive for an increasingly greener production respecting the environment in which we live.