Spallinificio BM
Shoulder pads and sleeve head rolls since 1972

For over 40 years, we have been very happy
to have Italy on our shoulders!

Spallinificio BM:
Tradition meets innovation

Spallinificio BM is based in Cartigliano (Vicenza) and manufactures shoulder pads and sleeve head rolls for men’s and women’s garments and distributes its products throughout Italy. Founded by Antonio Maso and Bertilla Borso, the company is now in its second generation and run by their son Alessandro Maso.

The company’s strength is the guarantee of a genuine 100% Made in Italy product. All the production is carried out in the company’s own factory: this allows us to guarantee speed in the realisation of samples and quality in production.

For over forty years, we have been proud to be the suppliers of the finest menswear and womenswear brands both nationally and internationally. We export our fully custom-made product to more than ten countries in the world.

Over the years, we have never neglected technological research: thanks to the technicians in our company, we boast unique and exclusive technologies that cannot be matched by the competition.

Our history

The company was founded by Mr Antonio Maso and Mrs Bertilla Boso in 1972 as a small artisan workshop. t all began in the ’70s, and it’s a story shared by many other companies based in the north-east of Italy: the couple started working in their own garage, then rented their first shed and bought their first one in 1980. As the customer base grew and became more demanding, the company invested heavily in women’s shoulder pads and especially in sponge ones, both clad and unclad.

In 1985, Spallinificio BM S.r.l. was born: it then went from being an artisan business to becoming an industry, a new and larger warehouse was purchased which was then extended in 1987. A complete and specialised line for the production of men’s shoulder pads was created, continuing the company’s policy of investment.

In 1997, their son Alessandro Maso took his first steps in the company, becoming CEO in 2001 and President in 2011.

In the early 2000s, the company began to work not only for the Italian market, but also for important foreign companies.

Our strengths

Top quality at reasonable prices
On time delivery
Unparalleled speed in the realization of samples and collections: we are able to respond even to urgent requests.

GIANO project:
Manufacturing the future!

The group “GIANO – FABBRICHAMO IL FUTURO” was born from the conviction of some businessmen from the town of Cartigliano (VI) that support for families and the community is essential to educate the men and women of tomorrow.

The members of the Giano project believe that companies can play an important role in society and make a difference by concentrating their efforts on projects that benefit the community and the area in which they operate.