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Who’s part of the GIANO project

The group “GIANO – FABBRICHAMO IL FUTURO” was born from the conviction of some businessmen from the town of Cartigliano (VI) that support for families and the community is essential to educate the men and women of tomorrow.

The members of the Giano project believe that companies can play an important role in society and make a difference by concentrating their efforts on projects that benefit the community and the area in which they operate.

The goal is therefore to bring together common resources to promote initiatives in favor of families in order to make staying in the area to which our companies will turn for investments in the future more and more incentive.

Fondazione Insiemealtovi Onlus

To carry out the various initiatives that will be outlined and financed from time to time, we need adequate legal support that we have found in the “FONDAZIONE INSIEMEALTOVI ONLUS” based in Thiene (VI) – Via Braghettone n. 20. The foundation operates in the Vicenza area and aims to promote charitable and assistance activities, as well as promote the collection of funds to be distributed for various social purposes.

This Foundation agrees to welcome our “group” as a partner in order to provide us with legal and fiscal support to carry out the initiatives that will be approved.

Giano would like to be an inspiration for businesses in every community.


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