Traditional tailoring
and advanced technology

In our custom-made products you will find the quality of the Made in Italy,
which is achieved thanks to the precision of our innovative machinery.

Innovation first

What distinguishes Spallinificio BM from other Italian companies is the perfect harmony between tradition and technology. We have adopted a new way of conceiving craftsmanship relying on the accuracy of new digital technologies. In fact, we have two CAD stations and two fully automated cutting lines.

However, the skills and creativity of our employees remains irreplaceable. Our staff includes a model maker who is exclusively dedicated to creating the prototypes according to the specifications of our customers.

In addition, many of our machines are manufactured in our own workshop, ensuring exclusive technologies that cannot be found outside of our shoulder pad factory.

Our made-to-measure production

Since 1972, Spallinificio BM has been producing shoulder pads and rolls in the Veneto region and in Italy, offering excellent products to ensure total customer satisfaction. All phases of the production process are carried out in our facility in Cartigliano (Vicenza), which allows us to fully control every step of the production.

Our work is based on the Italian tailoring tradition, supported by the most modern innovations. The new technologies allow us to expand the choice of raw materials allowing us to test new materials to meet the needs of each customer and offer a fully customized product.

At our factory you can also find padding, buttons, structured shoulder pads and animal hair.

Our shoulder pads are true works of art, crafted with the utmost attention to detail and following each customer’s specific requirements to the letter. Our shoulder pad factory offers a wide range of models and types of pads that fit any type of garment perfectly..

Our sleeve head rolls stand out for the care taken in the manufacturing process. These accessories are of essential importance to give shape and volume to the fabric of the garment.