High quality embraces
the respect for the environment

The importance of being
a carbon-neutral company

Spallinificio BM:
a green company at the service of the environment

The well-being of its employees and respect for the environment have always been important to Spallinificio BM. Our company not only guarantees the high quality typical of Made in Italy, but also adopts a sustainable business model, both from an economical and social perspective.

In fact, thanks to the many investments we have made in recent years to make our business greener, we are proud to say that the company’s carbon footprint is close to zero.

Our focus is not only on creating world-class products, but also on maintaining high quality standards in all aspects of our work, including environmental management.

In fact, we are an ISO 14001-certified company, an important milestone that is a testament to our daily commitment to the protection of our planet.

Our priority is to protect the planet and the well-being of our people

Spallinificio BM has made significant changes to protect the environment and the well-being of all employees, carrying out many energy efficiency works on our premises.

The company uses two photovoltaic systems, installed on its own shed in 2010, to obtain the electricity it needs for all its activities. In fact, our shoulder pad factory has an annual electricity consumption of 0: this is because the amount of energy we produce is greater than the amount of energy we consume.

In addition, to reduce the use of gas for heating, the old thermal power plant was replaced in 2010 with a set of cascading condensing boilers with very high efficiency. Changes have also been made to the offices, improving their energy rating from G to A.

In addition, all waste that does not come from production processes, such as paper, plastic and glass, is also separated so as not to burden the environment. We also recycle most of the materials used in the production of shoulder pads and sleeve head rolls, for an increasingly green and respectful vision of the planet.

We also pay the utmost attention to the safety and comfort of all of our employees. All workplaces, offices and production areas are air-conditioned. This ensures a comfortable working environment even in the summer.